4 Reasons Why Creatives Need To Work Together || Collaboration With Shankwase

One of the memories I have of me growing up was a time I went to my dad’s office, and because those were the times where you practiced your reading with everything you saw, I remember seeing something pasted on his office wall. It read “Together Everyone Achieves More”, and this was gotten from the word “TEAM”. This is something I never forgot. Fast forward to a few years later, I began to examine and see the truth in this statement. Sure as an individual you can do a whole lot, but when you combine all of your awesomeness with someone on the same wavelength as you, you already know you will do so much more. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing 4 reasons why it’s important that creatives work together.

Oh, and by the way, this is a collaboration post with my blogger babe Shankwase of Yass! However, let me add that this is not your regular collaboration, because in our unique ways, we came together to make it work despite our different niches. We got together, took some great pictures, and came up with unique and beautiful post ideas.


Okay, so is it really necessary for people especially creatives to work together? I mean, everyone can shine on their own, so why do we really need to work together?

1) It would lead to larger and better options: Where your own ideas and efforts will lead to a certain result, collaborating with others will give you more options because there’s more than just one idea. You may even get more ideas than you originally planned for.



2) It broadens your horizon and pushes you out of your comfort zone: Working together with a fellow creative takes you out of what you’re normally used to, and pushes to even do better, because of course you don’t want to be clueless. Even if it means researching about things that are not in your field, you’ll do it.

3) It expands your social circle and connections: When you decide to work with other creatives like yourself, you’re already expanding your circle and making room for connections. It helps you meet new people, share in their ideas and create something spectacular together.


4) It allows room for constructive criticism that would help you grow: You get help each other grow because that’s what partners do. Where need be, you offer constructive criticism that would help the eventual outcome of your collaboration.



For the fashion bit,

We both opted for ankara shift dresses. Shankwase is a fashion designer, and so, her gorgeous dress is from her clothing line “Petite Tailor”, while mine is from spring stitches. Why shift dresses? We all know that shift dresses basically scream comfort, I mean who doesn’t love to be comfortable in their outfits? We couldn’t also help but think that when working together, we need to be comfortable and free with each other. So not only does comfort work for our choice of outfit, it also further explains what we need to bear in mind when working together.



Shankwase decided to pair her dress with a simple black strappy heels a bag, and that really cute hat, while I paired mine with my nude court heels to tone it down because of the colours of our dresses. Our location was at the council for arts and culture here in Abuja, and even though we didn’t enter inside because it was locked, we created magic right there in front of the place.


Remember this is a collaboration post, so please check out Shankwase’s blog post as she gives you the down low of the magic that we created with our chic shift dresses and why every lady needs one!



What are your thoughts on working together with others? I would love to know your thoughts.


My Outfit Details
Dress and Choker – springstitches
Court Shoes – Thrifted


11 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Creatives Need To Work Together || Collaboration With Shankwase”

  1. I love this collaboration. 2 bloggers with different niches coming together to create content. Working together is amazing because it also fill in loopholes you have that you do not know.

  2. Aminu Oluwaseun

    Working together helps to set the Pace, because it is a new ground you tend to be innovative. You learn in a New way for a New thing. Thanks for sharing TEAM

  3. Prince Neville

    Truly inspiring piece. And very true too. I’ve seen great results as a result of collaborations. Nice one.

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