Don't let fear distract you from living boldly



In the past few days, my devotional has been talking about living a life of impact and a purposeful life. It went further to analyse some of those things that will hinder this development; things like fear.Don't let fear distract you from living boldly


Fear is one thing that can conveniently destroy a person’s life in a matter of seconds. I mean, yeah at some point in our lives, we all get scared of various things, death, failure, betrayal, etc. 
These fears will always be there, but how do you turn the situation from that point of vulnerability to a point of action?

In today’s post, we will be looking at some fears that we should not be distracted by.

1) Fear Of Not Succeeding: This fear is so crippling that we may even get carried away with the success of others, that we forget to focus and work on our own. We get almost obsessed with the pace of another person’s success that it becomes a pressure on us. Don’t let the fear of not succeeding distract you from the main goal- your success.

2) Fear of Thinking You Don’t Matter: We all have our various insecurities ranging from the way our eyes look to thinking that our opinion doesn’t count. These are also distractions that deter us from loving & accepting ourselves and also going out there to make an impact. Don’t be distracted by what that little voice called doubt is telling you, you matter and you will always matter.

3) Fear of Not Living A Purposeful Life: Are you aware that some people are walking in their path of purpose, but they are too scared to even see it? I read this and I was shook! It’s one thing not to know what to do with your life, it’s another thing to be on that road and not be able to see it! You see what fear does, it limits an individual in every capacity to the extent that you’re looking at something that will help your destiny but you don’t even know. 

Fear is something that happens to everybody, but what distinguishes us is what we do afterwards. Do you Forget Everything And Run or do you Face Everything And Rise ( I’m not sure this is the correct acronym though, but it fits doesn’t it?😊)  

Point is, don’t be distracted by fear.

Over to you..

How has fear distracted you in the last couple of months? Let’s talk in the comment section.

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