2020 || 4 Life-Changing Ways To Be Intentional

Happy New Year Guys! Welcome to 2020! Alright I know it’s already the 6th day, but I think it’s still valid to welcome you into the new year. Exactly on the 1st, a good friend of mine sent me a document titled ‘2020 plan’. He did this because he wanted me to help him with accountability. Guys believe me that was what woke me up. I had drafted my goals somewhere in my notes, but that was what it was- a draft. Now, although I’m not one to subscribe to pressurizing yourself, I’m however one who subscribes to making purposeful moves in your life anytime, any day. And that brings me to today’s #mondayinspiration post which highlights a few things you should do to be intentional in 2020!

Can I say just add that the official TPH hashtag for 2020 is #BeIntentional

So, please feel free to use it in all your posts throughout 2020 and you can tag me if you’re feeling up to it! (You can follow me here and here, you can also like my Facebook page here) I have a very strong urge to move with intent this year, and we’re going to help each other do just that.

Just before 2019 ended, I went to where I wrote my goals and took stock. I was grateful to see that 70{336d76e3b72b90a72d1a9e737b2bc5f16158671ea99b0ee12e0ef2358279329a} were achieved, it gave me the boost I needed to set more goals and smash them this year. I entered 2020 feeling super pumped.

To the business of the day,

How can I be intentional this year?

First of all, lay it all out: Just in case you’ve not gotten around to penning down what you want for the year, it’s not too late. And even if you have, there’s plenty room for adjusting and re-adjusting. So squeeze in a mini meditation ‘sesh’ and think deeply about what you really want to achieve this year. I see some people downplaying the whole having-a-plan-for-the-new-year thing, and it sort of saddens me. What makes me even more sad is that it’s becoming really popular. Most people are not bothered, once the new year comes, they move with the programme. And should they see anyone trying to set goals and make plans, they’d do anything to project that shallow ideology.
Intentional people don’t just ‘move’ they move with a plan in motion, they move with detailed thoughts and actions, they move with confidence and assurance that they’re not just joining the bandwagon, but doing everything to build up the amazing life they’ve envisioned for themselves. And trust me, you definitely need a plan to navigate through life.

Write it down: After thinking about what you really want, make it plain by writing it down. You don’t need to be the best writer to do this, what matters is that you know what you want and you want it to be as clear as day. In fact, I find it really therapeutic to just put down those amazing things you want to achieve. It sometimes feels like I’m already one step closer to attainment. Because they’re no longer just a bunch of words floating around my head but actual things that I want to do. So get your goal book, planners and journals and start writing!


Break it down: In the process of writing, you need to break your goals down to bits and put a time frame to it (I’m sure you’re familiar with the SMART metric of goal setting). You have various aspects of your life that makes you, and being intentional means that you will need to cut across all these aspects. In other words, you’ll need to break down your goals to parts like; Financial, Spiritual, Educational, Career, Social, Relationship, Marital, Health and Fitness, etc and include how you intend to go about achieving them. I know it’s not a super chill process (Although it can be if you’re sipping on some thing cool), but it’s definitely worth it.

Then follow through with it: There’s a level of confidence that comes with being a man/woman of your word. Being intentional basically means moving with purpose. So if you’re going to spend all that time setting goals and how to achieve them, then how about you actually put in serious efforts and smash them, right? Of course, life would happen at different times in the year and decade, but I want you to be able to beat your chest at the end of the day and say ‘I really gave it my best shot’ not as a way of giving up, but as a way of following through with your plans because you’re an intentional individual.

Guys, I know it’s not as easy as it may look, and that’s we are here to help each other. I’m ready and available to be your accountability partner if you want, I’m also ready to walk you through goal setting and attainment if you’re not sure how to even begin. I’m only a mail away! (aadeoti87@yahoo.com)

As always, you were all amazing in 2019 sticking with me and The Portable Hub and I have no doubts that this would be a much better year for us all.


So, here’s to a year of intentionality, commitment and fulfilment. And cheers to a beautiful and amazing decade!

Over to you…
Do you have a major goal for 2020? I’d love to know because mine is to publish my book! let’s talk in the comments.


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